Outer Banks Peace and Justice Interfaith Coalition


The Outer Banks Peace and Justice Interfaith Coalition is an education/social action organization that believes love, commitment to future generations, wise stewardship of the environment and promotion of social, political, and economic justice are responsibilities of all people. The Coalition recognizes a whole range of beliefs, of faith traditions, of ways of belonging and of practice. The Coalition empowers people of faith and people of conscience in the Outer Banks Community to act on their moral and religious values to build a better world. For the past five years, the Coalition has presented a monthly film series of social justice and peace documentaries.  You can find news about Peace and Justice Issues on our Facebook Page.


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The Coalition has a library of 44 award winning social documentaries. We would like to give more people an opportunity to view these films. We are happy to loan to individuals and groups on the Outer Banks who would like to sponsor a showing.

Because of copy right restrictions, the films must be shown at no charge. You may encourage donations for your organization.


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