Outer Banks Peace and Justice Coalition


The Outer Banks Peace and Justice Coalition is an education/social action organization that believes love, commitment to future generations, wise stewardship of the environment and promotion of social, political, and economic justice are responsibilities of all people. The Coalition recognizes a whole range of beliefs, of faith traditions, of ways of belonging and of practice. The Coalition empowers people of faith and people of conscience in the Outer Banks Community to act on their moral and religious values to build a better world.


My hope is that this becomes a portal or bulletin board to Peace and Social Justice issues and concerns on the Outer Banks – and beyond.

1. We affirm the inherent sacredness and dignity of each person.
2. That all should be treated justly and with compassion.
3. We value the voice of every person.
4. May we accept, listen to, and learn from one another.
5. May each and every person find the freedom and courage to do what they believe is true and right.
6. May each of us work together for a peaceful, just and free world.
7. May we care for each other and our planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.


For five years, the Coalition has presented a monthly film series of social justice and peace documentaries. Unfortunately the films are no longer available.

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