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Timelines of the Civil Rights Movement

“Soundtrack for a Revolution” is the story of the music and songs that inspired the civil rights movement. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, PBS, and outside web resources offer a wealth of timelines, videos, and other chronological materials to help understand the historical narrative that shaped the music of the movement:

Eyes on the Prize

Browse articles, video, audio and images of 25 of the major events in America’s Civil Rights Movement — from Emmett Till’s murder in 1955 to the election of Harold Washington as Chicago’s first black mayor in 1983. Chronicled by date, this asset contains in-depth information from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s award-winning documentary, Eyes on the Prize.

Freedom Riders
The interactive timeline from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s Freedom Riders documents the most important events in the Civil Rights Movement occurring between 1942 and 1961.

African American World
PBS’ African American World website vividly shows how people of African descent have been involved in over 500 years of American history.

Africans in America
A companion to PBS’ Africans in America documentary, this chronological website is devoted to exploring America’s journey through slavery from 1450 to the end of the Civil War in 1865.

This Far by Faith
The interactive timeline on PBS’ This Far By Faith website details African American history from 1526-2000. This page explores the years 1946-1966 and the journey from civil rights to black power.

Jubilee Singers
This is a timeline of the Jubilee Singers, 1863-1879, a group of young ex-slaves in post-Civil War Nashville who set out on a mission to save their financially troubled school by giving concerts.

The timeline from the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film Scottsboro: An American Tragedy presents the events leading up to and during the famous Scottsboro trial and its aftermath, 1931-1989.

King Research and Education Institute: Civil Rights Movement
An extensive chronology of the Civil Rights Movement, with emphasis placed on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is provided by the King Research and Education Institute and Stanford University’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project.

The Leadership Conference: Civil Rights Chronology
From The Leadership Conference’s website on civil rights history, this timeline traces the political and cultural evolution of civil rights in America from 1619 to 2000.

Yale University: An Interactive Civil Rights Chronology
From the companion site to Professor John M. Balkin’s What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said (NYU Press 2001), this chronology from 1502 to 2000 presents the most critical events in the struggle for civil rights for African Americans.

Biographical Timelines

Emmett Till 
From AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s The Murder of Emmett Till, a timeline from 1921- 2003 of Emmet Till’s life and the history surrounding his death.

Marcus Garvey
From Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind, a timeline from 1887-1964 of Civil Rights leader Marcus Garvey and the historical context in which he operated.

Malcolm X
From AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s Malcolm X: Make It Plain, a timeline from 1925-1965 of the life and times of Malcolm X.

John Brown
From AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s John Brown’s Holy War, a timeline from 1800-1865 of John Brown and the historical events related to slavery and its eventual abolition.

George Wallace
From AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’s George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire, a timeline from 1919-1998 tracing the life and times of Alabama governor George Wallace.

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